Past the elating aromas, Nestled in a cave of dreams, An enchanting world awaits A world inspired by the ages Created especially for you...

Who we are

At Kokoon, there's always something exclusive and exquisite for every home. We pride ourselves in being a unique boutique founded with the vision of bringing alluring selections of elegant decors, coupled with a hassle free shopping experience. Under the leadership of our enterprising founders, we have blossomed in to one of the cherished boutiques of its kind amongst our valued patrons from far and wide. We also owe this success to our unflinching efforts in keeping our business a pleasant blend of quality, exclusivity and trust that will encourage our customers to keep coming for more.

What We Do

Kokoon offers you simply fabulous home décor items with a very personal touch. From the moment you enter our boutique, we ensure that there’s always someone around to help you make the right choice from our selection of beautiful handicrafts, marvelous art, brilliantly crafted showpieces, magical aroma candles and much more.

We not only promise our customers authenticity of all their purchases, we also take extra care to ensure that our collections are made with sustainable eco-friendly materials to give a feeling of oneness with nature.

Visit us today and bring life to your homes!